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Fall Clean-Up

November is upon us! A crucial time for lawn care.  Removing your leaves in the fall can be a bit cumbersome and tedious. But, it is essential for the health of your lawn and plants. How’s the raking? Are you using it as child punishment? Do you enjoy spending hours out in your yard battling your leaves? If not, you might want to think about hiring Artisans to help avoid blisters and a sore back.

Helpful Tips For Fall Clean-Up:

Get the weeds OUT!- If you didn’t treat for fall weeds previously in the year, then you are in for a rude awakening. There are some weeds that thrive in the fall. Getting these weeds pulled early, helps to keep them from getting out of control. Properly removing these weeds also helps to negate the battle in the spring. Make it easier on yourself and tackle the weeds, or let your friends at Artisans deal with the pesky buggers.

Can You See Your Grass?- If you can’t see your grass, it’s probably not growing. Plan on removing leaves at least twice, if not more. Too many leaves for long periods of time slows down photosynthesis. This is an important step for the grass to store up energy for the winter and following spring. Properly removing the leaves as they fall, will allow for the grass to breathe. Ahhhhh. Having trouble handling the volume? We can help!

Pruning- Wait until the trees drop their leaves and are dormant. This is a great activity to put on your list for mid- late November through December. You can even do this activity after snowfall.

Add to your Compost Pile
Last month we promised to share with you how your fallen leaves can aid in the protection of your plants…so, here it goes…

Leaves can act as valuable organic matter to your garden, but they need to be doctored up a bit before they are useful. Combine fallen leaves with other grass clippings, vegetable scraps from the kitchen, twigs, egg shells, and other organic items. Keep in a designated space for decomposition. You will reap the benefits the following season, and the nutrients from the combination will do wonders. If you have already been keeping your clippings, this will act as a great insulator for your perennials.

How is your curb appeal? Are you guilty of not picking up your leaves in a timely manner? There is still time! Our professional team is committed to giving you the best service and value. To get your property ready for winter, we offer mulching, weed control, lawn moving, leaf removal, and bed maintenance. Call (989) 662-0500, to learn more about Fall Clean Ups and schedule an appointment today!