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Is Your Lawn Green Enough?

What is the purpose of a fertilizer? Fertilizer is the best way to add the necessary nutrients that turf grass needs to attain and keep a desirable quality lawn. In many cases the soil isn’t providing everything the lawn needs, and a fertilizer can provide the missing link.

Three things to take into consideration when applying a fertilizer:

Quality Product– If you have a high mileage car you don’t put any old oil in it do you? A runner doesn’t buy tennis shoes that will fall apart quickly, right? The same goes for choosing a quality product for your lawn. If you want to have results with longevity, it is important to choose a lawn fertilizer that has a balance of fast and controlled release sources. As well as the proper balance of nutrients.

The Right Amount– Nitrogen is important, but only in proper amounts. When applied correctly, it’s what makes grass look its greenest. If there is too little, slow growth and yellowing can occur. On the flip side, if there is too much, there can be excessive shoot and leaf growth and poor tolerance to cold Michigan winters.

The Right Time– For our Michigan climate, fertilizing in early may, the teens of September, and around Halloween are the three times of year that are suggested. FUN FACT: If you are only able to fertilize once a year, a fall feeding is BEST!

Is your grass at your residential or commercial property having a hard time maintaining its green color? We can evaluate what your needs might be with just one visit to your property. We offer expert service at great pricing! Please contact us today and let the friendly experts help with any questions.