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We Help Break the Cycle

Late summer and early fall is the best time of year to control your weeds. When you use a herbicide during this time of year there are two benefits to look forward to:

1) The weeds will not be able to grow as quickly in the spring. Appling an application in fall penetrates into their roots and slows growth during the spring when everything else is rapidly growing.

2) Breaking the cycle with a fall application also targets the weeds that thrive in Michigan’s cool fall temperatures. Targeting both of these types of weeds in the fall will intercept their growth and lead to a beautiful and weed free yard.

When is the best application period? Generally, the best application timeline is early September through October. This time period also varies based upon what weeds you are trying to target.

FUN FACT:  Do you have a dandelion problem? Dandelions can still be controlled after multiple light frosts. This means if you miss the window of time listed above, you can still treat later in the fall and be ahead of the game for the following spring.

White clover is also a wide spread issue for many lawns. Applying a broad leaf weed control mixture, perfect for diminishing large patches of clover, makes a difference in what you battle the following year.

All great information right? Not quite sure how to put it into practice? We can help! Controlling weeds is an ongoing process. If you want to enjoy the changing of the seasons without battling with your pesky weeds, leave the work to us. Our team of experts offers a variety of services based upon the severity of your needs. We know what weeds are more prevalent during different seasons and offer specific services based upon the types of weeds you are looking to remove. 

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is willing to make an assessment of your situation and come up with a treatment plan that is catered to your needs. Stop worrying about fall and spring weed control and let Artisans Landscaping lend you a hand.